What Society Gets Wrong About Pregnancy (This Lesson Changed My Life)

6 weeks pregnant: “Your little one’s face is taking shape this week, with her cheeks, chin and jaws beginning to form… Your baby’s heart has started to beat… Also taking shape this week: her kidneys, liver and lungs… When you’re 6 weeks pregnant, your baby’s crown-to-rump measurement is anywhere from a fifth to a quarterContinue reading “What Society Gets Wrong About Pregnancy (This Lesson Changed My Life)”

Are You Angry?

It’s been one week since the riot at the United States Capitol and my last post. I’ve since had the opportunity to read up on what happened and discuss it with both conservative and liberal friends. What is clear is that people on both sides are angry. They’re lashing out at each other, often usingContinue reading “Are You Angry?”

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