I Did a Scary Thing

Apparently this blog is giving me more courage from regularly putting my thoughts out there for all to read. Yesterday, I suddenly got the urge to share some of my conversion story directly on my personal Facebook wall, which is a much more direct way for people to read than posting a link to myContinue reading “I Did a Scary Thing”

I Need a Break

You know what? I’m totally stuck. I’ve been sitting on a draft of my MLK series, part 2, but something seems missing and I can’t seem to finish it. Usually when that happens, it seems like the exact thing I needed to hear pops up within in few days, so I’ve been waiting but itContinue reading “I Need a Break”

One Human Family – An Exploration of the Letter from Birmingham Jail (Part 1)

You may or may not find this surprising, but this is not the only time in history that the people of the United States have faced such internal strife. From our founding, we have rebelled against the status quo. It’s part of our cultural heritage to seek redress for injustices and to forge a newContinue reading “One Human Family – An Exploration of the Letter from Birmingham Jail (Part 1)”

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